We are a caring group of educators determined to work towards addressing the exorbitant cost and inaccessibility of child care in the Boston area. We started on this journey after deciding we would like to provide the best physical and social settings for our children to grow and develop in. Our mission is to provide a stimulating environment where children can develop freely and gain confidence in themselves.

We have a well-planned curriculum that allows children agency in the learning process and gives them the opportunity to develop all skills and intelligences. By having available and accessible hundreds of books

appropriate for all age levels we hope to engage the children in learning and foster a love of reading.

We have educational toys, art supplies, musical instruments, and other equipment to help children develop all around. Through it all, we encourage exploration and a love of learning that can last longer than the time we spend with the children.

With our own child having had such difficulties with food allergies along with our wanting only the best for our own child, we will provide the children with meals and snacks made only with fresh organic ingredients. If you have any specific concerns or issues, we can work with you to watch out for specific food items.